Nuclear Safety Themed Publicity Campaign Held at FNU on World Environment Day


A publicity campaign themed developing safe nuclear power to help achieve carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality was held on June 5th, World Environment Day, at the Great Hall on the Qishan campus of FNU. The event was jointly hosted by FNU, Fujian Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and Fujian Broadcast & Television Network Group (BTNG). Present at the event were Ms. Zhang Yumei, member of the Party leadership group and chief nuclear safety engineer of Fujian Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, representatives from the Media Convergence Center of Fujian BTNG and nuclear power plants in Fujians Fuqing, Ningde, Zhangzhou and Xiapu, Vice President Tu Rong of FNU as well as representatives of the senior staff members, faculty and students of the College of Chemistry and Materials Science of FNU.

The event consisted of the opening ceremony, the launch ceremony of Nuclear and Your Life publicity channel and on-site activities. The on-site activities included lectures on nuclear safety and interactive games, which attracted many teachers and students.

The event, following Xi Jinpings Thought on ecological progress, a holistic approach to national security and China’s nuclear safety strategy, was intended to popularize nuclear knowledge, especially helping FNU faculty and students to raise their understanding of nuclear power development, and to create a sound environment that is conducive to peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.


(Translated by Weng Danping  Reviewed by Liang Lie)


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