FNU Wins the Second Prize in the 4th National University Psychological Drama Competition


On May 28, the final of the 4th National University Psychological Drama Competition was held in Guangxi University. This year's competition was organized by the Psychological Crisis Intervention Committee of Chinese Psychological Society and the National Research Collaborative Group of College Psychologists, with 323 entries from all over China. The psychological drama Back won the second prize, which is jointly created by the Student Affairs Department and the College of Psychology of Fujian Normal University (FNU).

Using a variety of psychological sitcom skills and props such as stand-in, sculpture, monologue, narration and empty chairs, the drama Back vividly portrays the story of a girl called Pengpeng. In this story, Pengpeng, who had a strained relationship with her father, went through a period of emotional change after her fathers tragic death as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our students formed a creative team and spent nearly three months writing script, casting and organizing rehearsals and performances all by themselves. On the final stage, the actors performed smoothly and freely, with a strong artistic appeal, fully demonstrating the good spirit of our students.

It is reported that we have held seventeen consecutive campus psychological drama competitions, which have become one of the major activities in psychological health education. This is the first time that FNU participates in the National University Psychological Drama Competition, which greatly improves the quality of our psychological drama and makes new achievements on the work of psychological education.

                                (Translated by Peng Qinyu/ Reviewed by Chen Fang)


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