English Language Teaching Positions at Fujian Normal University


Fujian Normal University, a century-old teachers university in Fuzhou, the capital city of China’s southeastern coastal Fujian Province, recruits teachers of spoken English all the year round.

1) Requirements:

a) Native speaker of English

b) MA, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

c) 1-2 years’ teaching experience

2) Working hours: 16 hours per week

3) Salary and benefits:

a) 6,000-8000 Yuan (RMB) per month (12 months)

b) 6,000-9,000 Yuan airfare per year (E-ticket with your signature, original paper ticket (if you have one), and boarding passes may be needed to get the reimbursement)

c) 4,000 Yuan holiday subsidy (paid at the end of the contract)

d) furnished apartment with free internet access

e) free Chinese lessons every morning in the International College of Chinese Studies, Fujian Normal University, a saving of 14,000 Yuan tuition plus $40 application fee (first come, first served)

4) Length of Employment:

 a) minimum: one-year contract, Example: Feb 24, 2019 to Feb 23, 2020

 b) the contract is renewable depending on your performance


Fujian Normal University




College of Foreign Languages



International College of Chinese Studies




1)  How are class hours arranged?

Most classes are arranged on weekdays, but some optional courses for students from other departments take place on Wednesday and Friday nights.  


2)  Can I ask to keep mornings or certain days free so I can take  Chinese lessons?

If  you are attending Chinese classes in the morning you will only be given afternoon and night classes, provided that you inform Dr. Shi in writing in advance.


3)  Are the accommodations completely private?



4)  Do they have washing machines?



5)  Is the Internet service dial-up or broadband?



6)  Do I have to pay the utilities?

You’re entitled to a monthly 150 kWh of electricity and 10 tons of water. The electricity and water overused will be deducted from Party B’s salary in the following month.

7) Do international teachers receive approximately 3 weeks of Spring Festival holidays, and other national holidays?

Yes, like faculty in all other universities in China.


8) Do the classrooms have audiovisual equipment for PowerPoint presentations?



9)  How far is the university from downtown? Is there a new campus  outside the city?

The old campus is within the city proper. The new campus is about 15 km from the old campus. International teachers live on both campuses. It’s most likely that you will live near the old campus as the College of Foreign Languages has now been relocated to the old campus. If you’re living on the new campus, it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the classrooms. The school bus takes 20 minutes and 3 Yuan  to get the old campus. You can also take city bus No. 43. It costs only one Yuan to go anywhere in the city. You can choose to take either bus or ride a bike.


10)  How many foreigners are there in the university?

There are usually about 10 international teachers, 2/3 of them are English speakers and 1/3 are Japanese and other languages.

And there are also about 400 overseas students, most of whom are studying Chinese language in the International College of Chinese Studies.


11) What kind of students am I going to teach? At what  level?

English majors or non English majors at undergraduate level. You may also teach graduate courses or be invited to be a guest speaker in the graduate courses.


12) What kind of opportunities do I have for Chinese studies?

With the recommendation of College of Foreign Languages, you can enroll into the Chinese language program offered by the International College of  Chinese Studies. There are 8 different levels leading to HSK tests ranging from bands 3-11. All Chinese lessons are in the mornings of weekdays.


13) What should I do to apply for a teaching position?

To apply for a teaching position, you need to provide:

1.   resume

2.   copy of your passport (ID page only)

3.   health certificate with your doctor’s signature (physical exam form will be provided)

4.   copy of your diploma/certificate

diploma of the highest degree or relevant accreditation certificate

5.    recommendation letter of your current employer

6.    digital passport/ID photo

7.    the date you can start teaching

8.  No Criminal Record

14) What are the deadlines for application?

To process your application in time, you need to send all the documents to Dr. Shi Chunxu before the following deadlines:

 April 1 (for applicants who plan to start to work from late August);

 December 1 (for applicants who plan to start to work from late February or early March)


Contact person

Chunxu Shi, College of Foreign Languages, Fujian Normal University, China
Email: yusikiki@163.com



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